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What is RSS?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication', and is a way of delivering content directly to you, the users.

Using a compatible web browser or special RSS reader, you can subscribe to the feed, which delivers links to the latest images straight to you.

How do I use RSS?

News Reader

A downloadble news reader lets you subscribe to any of the thousands of RSS feeds on the internet, including our feed. Popular News readers include RssReader, Pluck reader for the PC and NewsNetWire on the Mac. Most News reader will allow you to drag the RSS link into them or to paste in the url of the RSS feed.

Web browser

Several web browsers, including Firefox and Opera allow you to view RSS feeds inside the browser.

To add our feed to Firefox, you can either manually paste the url of the selected RSS feed into firefox as a live bookmark or simply locate the orange icon on the address bar of the Firefox browser window and select subscribe.

The process is very similar in Internet Explorer 7, Opera 8 or above and Safari on the Mac.